Saturday, August 28, 2010

Latest Hand Dyed Fabric

Got around to dyeing a piece of fabric last night. It's a 28 count Monaco and I picked out a lovely shade of purple to dye it in. I was torn between that and doing another piece in the Guinness Foam Cream. I really like the way it turned out, although, I need to go purchase some more fabric to dye! :P

Here is my latest creation, Majesty:

082710 Fleur de Luce Hand Dyeds 002

I am torn about what to stitch on it. I have a project in mind, however, the floss tosses could not be more different! I am wanting to stitch Carriage House Samplings 'Quaker Alphabet Sampler' on this fabric, however, I am torn between a monochrome and using up to four different colors. Here are my choices:

082710 Fleur de Luce Hand Dyeds 006

With just the Threadworx 1082 Cabbage:

082710 Fleur de Luce Hand Dyeds 004

With DMC B5200, 742, and Needle Necessities 1442 Witches' Brew. I am also thinking about throwing in some DMC 310 with these colors, however, I would have to stitch some of the motifs in the lighter areas of fabric so that the stitching will show:

082710 Fleur de Luce Hand Dyeds 003

I would LOVE to have folks' opinion on this! P:)

I need to go for now. I have some chores that need attending to before I get to play. Hope everyone is having a wonderful day! :)


Respectfully submitted,