Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Golden Maple fabric

Haven't stitched in over a month, but I got the urge to hand dye some fabric for a project I am thinking about starting. I have been thinking about The Workbasket's Quaker Evens . I really like the October one with the acorns, but I couldn't find a suitable fabric in my stash for it, so I came up with this. I like the way it turned out:

080811 Fleur de Luce Hand Dyeds Golden Maple 005

I want to use Crescent Colours German Chocolate cotton hand dyed floss for the piece as well:

080811 Fleur de Luce Hand Dyeds Golden Maple 004

I think it looks suitably fall like. :) Well, I need to get going. Hope everyone is having a wonderful day! :)


Respectfully submitted,



  1. I love to hand dye too! Love your fabric color and the name of the floss is yummy :)

  2. Thank you for the comment, Tara!

    I was hoping it looked ok together and not as garish as I thought it was, LOL! :)